Design-Build as a service

Design-Build is a multi-industry cooperative approach to construction and development of structures that extends from small houses to towering skyscrapers. GreenFields takes this same cooperative approach in the planning and construction of our artificial turf systems. GreenFields is committed to the absolute highest quality standards in every phase of your project’s development, whether a local municipal playing field with just one row of bleachers or a huge professional arena or stadium.

By working with the builders and architects directly, we are able to accomplish this objective. Greenfields designs the concept, the builders make it a reality. Design-Build is what lets us maintain reasonable estimates of cost and adhere to effective strategies for quality control. It is the definition of collaborative effort, and it ensures that no mater how large or small your project may be, it gets done, on time, within budget and to your unique specifications.

From plan to realization

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) – the governing body presiding over design-build concepts in the USA – is a network of accomplished leaders in architecture, design, and construction. It exists for one purpose: to ensure the timely delivery of every project at the highest possible qualityand at reasonable cost. It is clear why GreenFields would embrace this strategy and why we take DBIA Best Practices so seriously. Your project deserves to be executed under the highest building and design standards possible.

An ever-increasing number of U.S. clients are recognizing the value of DBIA Best Practices and are insisting that those standards be implemented in their projects. GreenFields has always – since our inception – employed design-build strategies in our projects throughout Europe. We pride ourselves on providing work which meets, and often exceeds, DBIA standards. We supply the necessary personnel for the job or we work directly with contractors you choose. We do not subcontract. When you hire GreenFields, we are behind your project 100 percent. We are not simply overseers. We are the team that sees to every stage of your project’s development when we create a sports field or complex.

When you contract with GreenFields, you can rest assured that we understand your need for cost-effective and timely turnkey solutions for your organization. We build artificial turf systems and surrounding structures to exacting standards. Through a series of stringent safety and quality control guidelines, we see to it through each stage of construction that those standards are met. Our number one goal is to produce for you a durable playing surface that meets or exceeds all of your expectations.

Is your organization under a binding agreement? Do you need to work with specific contractors? That isn’t a problem!  At GreenFields, we are happy to provide all the training and oversight your crew needs to ensure our high standards are being met or exceeded throughout the entire project.


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