The Midwest Sport and Turf System Service Commitment

At Midwest Sport and Turf Systems, LLC (“MWSTS”), we are committed to providing the most effective combination of high-quality products and superior customer service. As a MWSTS/GreenFields customer, you and the needs of your organization are our top priority. Being proactive is part of that commitment and we achieve that objective through constant contact throughout the building and manufacturing process and beyond.

Our dedicated and experienced customer support team is with you every step of the way, ready and able to provide answers to your questions, escalate concerns and implement timely solutions both via phone and, when necessary, onsite. We strive to resolve or implement a resolution to your concerns in just one call whenever possible.

If you ever need to contact us for any reason, you can be assured that we respond to all your inquiries in a manner that is timely and professional and in a manner that will surely exceeds your expectations.


It isn’t just about the turf or the infill or the shock pad. The quality of a synthetic turf system is determined by the know-how that goes into forming a single system out of each individual element. At GreenFields, this is our commitment and our passion: not just producing quality components, but producing quality, durable, sustainable components that work well together.


Even the best artificial turf requires routine maintenance to maintain peak performance and keeping the field you are so proud of looking its best. Having the right maintenance equipment with a routine maintenance plan will not only help keep your field at optimal playing performance, but it will also increase the field’s longevity. This is why we at MWSTS place such a high priority on maintenance as a feature of the overall quality of our artificial turf systems. Even if you do not have a Greenfields’ synthetic turf field (shame on you), we at MWSTS can customize a maintenance program specific to your field type and condition. Call us, or send us a note and we will be happy to work with you with a maintenance program right for you and your field. Like a freshly waxed car, you’ll like the way your field will look (and play) when properly maintained by MWST!

Repair services

Synthetic turf fields, like any other product, can have problems now and then. Although such problems are less likely when a high quality product like Greenfields is installed, problems with lesser quality fields can be more prevalent. Regardless of the magnitude of such damage and regardless of who manufactured and/or installed the field, Midwest Sport and Turf Systems (“MWSTS”) is fully equipped to repair ANY type of damage. From repairing torn sections to revitalizing your infill, we can get it done right. Give us a call, or send us a note and we will get back with you to discuss your field’s problem and provide you with a fair and timely quote for repair. At MWST, we stand behind our work!

Field removal

Whether you’re installing a new Greenfields synthetic turf playing field, or generally replacing your old synthetic turf field, MWSTS offers complete field removal services. In many cases, we can remove a full sized football or soccer field in only a couple of days. When MWSTS removes an existing synthetic turf field, great care is taken to protect the underlying base and to recycle as much of the old turf as possible. Being “Green” is not only responsible, it’s the MWSTS way. Please give us a call, or send us a note to discuss any field removal needs you may have.