Sport surfaces

Greenfields provides the finest synthetic turf products for all outdoor and indoor sport applications. This includes: Football, Soccer (Greenfields has installed more FIFA certified fields than any other turf company in the world), Baseball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey as well as multi-use surfaces. The entire Greenfields team is proud to be the sole and Official partner of U.S. Lacrosse, and equally as proud to have installed Field Hockey Pitches at the World Cup of Field Hockey.  Each and every one of the Greenfields products will be custom designed for your unique application and environment – including custom logos, fiber colors and line markings. From standard “tufted” products to state of the art and proprietary “woven” technology, let us help you decide what is right for your particular application and budget.

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Woven products – the Green Generation and Choice of Turf of the Atlanta Falcons at Their New “Mercedez Benz” Stadium

Allow us to introduce you to Greenfields MX, the new generation of artificial turf. Finally, A turf that is the result of years of integral and international collaboration at various levels within the scientific community and the sports world. It is a product that has evolved from past generations of artificial turf, the essence of which is a new, high-quality weaving technique that makes the turf an unparalleled playing surface.

With traditional artificial turfs, the fibers are bound to the top layer one by one. Greenfields MX breaks with this tradition. Not only are the fibers of varying composition and size, but they are also woven into the top layer. This results in ‘clumps’ of grass and the same texture as a natural grass cover. And with the same properties. Most importantly, it offers a comparable playing experience. This product is the long-awaited result of years of efforts. And we are the only ones in the world to offer it.

What innovation looks like

With a tradition of commitment to the design and development of sustainable synthetic turf systems, GreenFields has developed the real next generation of synthetic turf – MX Green Generation. Compared to the conventional tufting method, this patented weaving technique enables a higher density of fibers, eliminates tuft bind concerns (since all fibers are woven completely through the length of the turf) and allows for a combination of 6 different fiber types and various fiber heights.

Furthermore, based upon a new patented triple “W-weaving” technique in combination with environmentally safe and healthy materials, this new synthetic turf design is 100% recyclable.

GreenFields Exclusive “Woven” MX Trimension Synthetic Turf


MX TriMension

GreenFields MX Trimension

You can’t pull the MX fibers out!  The fibers are woven into the MX system by a patented triple “W-weave” technique — meaning fibers are forced to stand even straighter. Add to this the unique characteristics of the V-shaped and trilobal Y-shaped fibers and you have a synthetic turf system with long-lasting performance and optimal ball roll, ball bounce, resistance, and shock absorption.

Technical features

  • Fiber height 2″
  • Arched and trilobal Y-shaped fibers
  • Elastic TriMension fibers
  • 100% recyclable
  • Unparalleled fiber securement
  • Certified by FIFA 

Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Multi Use