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Midwest Sport and Turf Systems, LLC ("MWSTS") comprises a team of highly experienced individuals dedicated to delivering quality products and services associated with all aspects of sports construction and synthetic turf related projects.


Our philosophy is simple:

  • Listen to the Customer;

  • Never cut corners;

  • Always be honest, courteous and informative;

  • Absolutely no misleading marketing spin;

  • Continuously look for ways to value engineer a project - even after the project has started;

  • Always provide fair pricing; and

  • Provide the most responsive customer service/support before, during and well after a project is complete.

Our goal is even simpler:

  • Treat every customer, as well as every person we deal with, the way we want to be treated; and

  • Create long term trusting relationships along the way.

From synthetic turf sales and installation to complete design build services -- from providing maintenance and repair services to providing unbiased consulting and advice, MWSTS will be a valuable and trusted partner that will always look out for the best interest of our customers.

We truly care!

(Be sure to check out our FAQ section.  We answer questions not just about turf, but also about the base/drainage construction and field lighting, among other things.  If you can't find an answer to your question there, be sure to call us).

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