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MWSTS is extremely proud to provide our MST line of professional grade synthetic turf for all outdoor and indoor sport applications. Each and every one of our MST products are manufactured with the highest quality components available and are  custom designed for your unique application and environment – including custom logos, fiber colors and line markings.


In addition, as the Exclusive Midwest distributor of all Greenfields synthetic turf products, MWSTS is likewise proud to offer Greenfields quality "tufted" products,  as well as its state-of-the-art and proprietary IRONTURF “woven” technology.


From our outdoor "Sports Field Surfaces" to our "Specialty" (and Indoor) Surfaces, let us help you decide what is right for your particular application and budget.

To learn more about our Products, be sure to click the links below:


             SPORTS FIELD SURFACES                                 SPECIALTY SURFACES





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