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SYNTHETIC SPORTS CONSTRUCTION FROM DESIGN TO COMPLETION: MWSTS is a full service, one stop shop for your entire construction process.  We not only sell and install state of the art synthetic turf systems, but we also provide full design-build services including overall design, engineering, permitting and complete start to finish construction.


MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SERVICES: MWSTS provides unmatched maintenance service/programs designed to maintain optimal safety and performance of your synthetic turf system, as well as for increasing the turf's overall life.   Whether or not MWSTS sold and installed your synthetic turf system, we will be extremely responsive/timely and provide exceptional quality -- all at a fair price.


CONSULTING AND FUNDRAISING:  MWSTS knows how confusing moving forward with a synthetic turf project can be.  That's why we make ourselves available to help actual and prospective customers navigate through the process.  From determining budgets, fundraising assistance, value engineering and providing meaningful, truthful and unbiased education associated with products and services, MWSTS will be a trustworthy partner you can count on.

“Honest and Unbiased” Preliminary Sports Field Construction Education and Answers:


What needs to be done when converting a natural grass field to a synthetic field? What type of testing must be done? What are my compliance obligations? What type of permits are needed? What type of turf do I need for my particular application? What are all the different infill options and why? What about Shock Pads? What does G-Max mean and how is it controlled?  What about HIC? What are the different shock pads or e-layers, what do they do and are they needed? How long is the process and what’s it going to cost? These are just some of the questions that will need to be answered in the preliminary stage and for budgeting purposes.  We at MWSTS want you to be well informed with factual information – not marketing spins.  Check out our FAQs or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions without any sales pitches or self-serving responses.


In addition to the sales and installation of our quality products, MWSTS provides complete Design-Build services from inception through completion of your project.


Even the best artificial turf requires routine maintenance so as to maintain peak performance and to keep the field you are so proud of looking its best.


Old fields need to be removed and discarded in a responsible way.  MWSTS not only removes fields quickly and without damage to the underlying base, but, takes all steps possible to repurpose and/or recycle all components removed.

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