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Quality synthetic turf products are like the paint on an automobile.  You can use the finest paint, but your vehicle won't have that rich spectacular appearance unless the person applying the paint is highly experienced and skilled.  Even then, if the vehicle's body work is poor, the paint won't look nearly as good and you can bet that there will be problems down the road. 

At MWSTS, we appreciate, live by, and can't overstate the importance of a true "quality"  installation of your synthetic turf field.  Our install teams are not only some of the most skilled and experienced installers in the country, but they are also caring, detailed craftsmen that ensure that the paint (turf) will not be applied over a sub-standard base surface.  Indeed, we treat each and every field as if it were our own and take all appropriate steps to ensure that everything is up to our quality standards "before" the turf goes down.  We care!


Design-Build is a multi-industry cooperative approach to construction and development of structures that extends from small houses to towering skyscrapers. MWSTS takes this same cooperative approach in the planning and construction of projects incorporating synthetic sports systems. MWSTS is committed to the absolute highest quality standards in every phase of your project’s development.


When MWSTS is responsible for the complete Design-Build of your project, you will have comfort and confidence that the overall cost of the project can be reduced, all materials and workmanship will be of the highest quality and standards, and, that your project WILL BE COMPLETED ON TIME! 

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